ChocoClic, Tout sur le chocolat !

William Curley, la passion chocolat venue de Grande-Bretagne !

S – Hello ! Aujourd’hui nous sommes à Londres. Je continue mon périple avec William. Hello William.

W – Bonjour.

S – Je vais prendre mes notes pour lui poser plein de questions. Pour la suite.
Donc là c’est une interview. On va expliquer ce que William fait, sa passion. Ne vous inquiétez pas, je vous mettrai une traduction française. No problem. Can you tell your story, William?

W – Yes. So, I have been a cook till now as a pâtissier chocolatier full over twenty years. I started my training in Scotland, hotel Gleneagles as a young apprentice then I came to work in Belgium, Brussels. I spent a season there working a three Russian called the Maison De Bouche and then came to London. I spent many years here working for a quite famous chefs as Pierre Koffmann, Raymond Blanc
– that was in Oxford - and Marco Pierre White. And then I went to the Savoy hotel, became a chef pâtissier, I spent some times in France and I decided to open my own shop. And in 2004 we opened the first shop in Richmond and later the shop here in 2009.

S – Ok. And then, the passion.

W – The passion. Yes. I think my grandmother she liked to cook and she made traditional cakes, scones millionaire’s shortbreads.

S – Flavor

W – Absolutely and it smelt the cooking when I was young I was enjoying this.
When I left school, I decided, maybe this was a ... hue... a different route, it was an opportunity maybe to do something I had never thought but then, so when I was fifteen, I went to the college and here I trained, you know, a little bit as a chef, and this is the beginning for me.

S – Ok. Why chocolate?

W – Why? Yes, maybe I enjoyed the snack I don’t know. I think when I was home

I traditionally I trained as a chef.

S – Yes.

W – But I work in one of two restaurants close to where I came from and I’d like to do any desserts. And this gave me the passion and I think as I get older I just start to specialize more and more. So, yes, when I was 12, I didn’t dream of being a chocolatier, I didn’t know what chocolatier was when I was 12. But as I involved myself, understood more about it, I think the passion for pâtisserie and chocolate has grown and grown and grown.

S – Ok. You have two books

W – Two books

S – You prepared a new book.

W – Oh yes. The new book Pâtisserie. Yes so may the cheer a second book so the first book we done was called Couture Chocolate, it was done in 2010 which has been quite a successful for us and I gave the all inside to what we do. I believe a passion for chocolate. The national book to follow is gonna be Pâtisserie, so this book comes in may, so very exciting.

S – Good. Very good!

W – Thank you. Merci.

S – What is your biggest dream?

W – Biggest dream? I don’t know, I think I do, I enjoy and I think that is important. So I have the passion for what we do and to have ticks. I guess, I think a lot of the dreams I have of maybe a cheers that I have accomplished, I mean I am very happy and satisfied with what we do. I think probably a dream for me is maybe to see what we do to continue to grow in the UK and in London. And involve what we do and inspire young people to get involved in the industry. I think that probably is my dream.

S – A word for our listeners?

W – Yes, I hope they have the opportunity to come to one of our boutiques and enjoy what we do and see, you know, in the UK now there’s a little style and mark of pâtissier and chocolatier, it’s a very exciting future for us!

S – Great!

W – So good luck. Thank you.

S – Bon et bien vous avez vu. Vraiment la passion chez William et si vous avez l’occasion de passer à Londres, regardez sa boutique. Il y a plein de petits détails.
Je vous mettrai les vidéos avec les lampes qui sont en forme de cabosse. Le fond c’est marqué Grenada Criollo, enfin je veux dire vraiment sympathique. Les diplômes d’académies. Vraiment excellent. Thank you very much!

W – Merci.

S – William.

W – Nice to meet you.

S – À bientôt. Au revoir.


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