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The pleasure of chocolate … without the guilt !

Eating chocolate is a delicate, voluptuous pleasure and in Pierre Marcolini’s philosophy it must be a matter of refined sensuality in all circumstances. The latest tablets to join our already wide range cannot be an exception to the rule.

The pleasure of chocolate … without the guilt !
The dark chocolate with 78% cocoa is a subtle blend of beans from Venezuela (Sur del Lago) and Ghana, with warm, fruity end notes that give it an unusually intense flavour.

The milk chocolate, with 50 % cocoa, combines beans from Ecuador (Los Rios) and Ghana, and finishes with a wide palette of mild, deliciously regressive aromas.

But the great originality of the latest additions to the Marcolini range of “pleasure chocolates” is that they contain no sugar ! Indeed, well aware that the high sugar ! Indeed, well aware that the high sugar content in traditional chocolates goes against a welle balanced diet, Pierre Marcolini has replaced the problem ingredient with SweetPearl (maltitol).

The pleasure of chocolate … without the guilt !
A far cry from intense sweeteners, SweetPearl is a naturally sweet‐tasting carbohydrate derived from renewable agricultural raw materials such as wheat and maize. It has almost half the calories of traditional sugars, so does not cause tooth decay. Its low glycemic index (25‐30) makes it just fine for diabetics. But since it is made from natural products, it gives the chocolate an intense savour because it is a more powerful taste enhancer than traditional sugar…

And the great merit of the Marcolini sugar‐free tablet is that it does not compromise on flavour, unlike so many chocolates labelled “diet” to disguise their lack of taste. But here, because we control the entire process from the cocoa bean to the finished tablet – an exclusivity in Belgium – we can offer 100% flavour and 100% pleasure.

A new product to bite into with no fear of overdoing the sugar, but nonetheless to be treated as a noble food with the moderation that is the hallmark of true gastronomy.

Sugarfree tablets:

Dark chocolate, Venezuela Sur Del Lago & Ghana 6.90€
Milk chocolate, Ecuador Los Rios & Ghana 6.90€


Vanilla éclair 4.00€

On sale in our stores from Tuesday 16 February 2010


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