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The new chocolate truffles from LEONIDAS: 100% Tradition

When traditional meets modern, an instant of pure pleasure is created…

© Leonidas
© Leonidas
Everyone knows that the skilled chocolate makers at LEONIDAS are constantly surprising and innovating. This time, they have turned their attention to truffles! A delicious treat... giving even more intense pleasure...

As chocolate is a treat that can easily be adapted to suit different tastes, the famous chocolate maker LEONIDAS has opted to tickle our taste buds again by creating new flavours for a product that is very dear to them - the truffle.

Alongside the more modern techniques, LEONIDAS has always had respect for - and made use of - the authentic craftsmanship that has existed for generations. This is why only the best quality ingredients are selected, to create an even smoother, even more delicious truffle.

But what is the secret of these new chocolate flavours protected by LEONIDAS like real treasure? The symbol of softness is the Traditional Truffle which, filled with a ganache of dark and milk chocolate and coated in dark chocolate and cocoa powder, literally melts in the mouth. The Coffee and Caramel Truffle is filled with a ganache of dark and milk chocolate with a coffee and caramel flavour and coated in dark chocolate and layer of cocoa powder crystals. And then there is the Dark Truffle, a ganache of dark chocolate and 72% São Tomé, coated in dark chocolate and dark cocoa powder.
In short, a voluptuous recipe that is sure to cause a stir, as LEONIDAS products are always made with the very freshest ingredients.

Leonidas, the world’s most famous Belgian chocolate maker, was founded by Leonidas Kestekides in 1910 and now comprises over 1,400 outlets in 40 countries on five continents.
Every day, over 10,000 Leonidas staff from all four corners of the world - from Paris to Rome, London, Sydney, Tokyo or New York, guarantee the quality and freshness of Leonidas products.

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