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Savour the full flavour of Christmas with LEONIDAS chocolate!

It’s only one small step from Saint Nicolas to Father Christmas.
While our little angels are looking forward to presents and sweets, the Christmas preparations are already well underway in many homes.

© Leonidas
© Leonidas
At Leonidas too, the master chocolate makers are working relentlessly to be ready when D day arrives. As this year again, old and young alike will be spoiled with something for every taste. Leonidas wishes you, already, a Merry Christmas …

Since the dawn of time, man liked to believe in the most heavenly legends and pleasures. Whether it is Saint Nicolas or Father Christmas, who does not enjoy plunging back into his or her most tender childhood memories and becoming once again, momentarily, a child with a joyful angelic face!
This year, with the greatest respect for tradition, the famous Belgian chocolate maker LEONIDAS is making a particular point of honour of rewarding the old and young in this very festive season, and to prove its perfect mastering of chocolates once again!
In order to celebrate the great Saint as we should, this year, LEONIDAS will fill the small stockings of our darling children with a range of marzipan and completely new chocolate figurines in the shape of the Patron Saint, protector of children. For this occasion, the lollipops that enjoyed such enormous success at Easter, will take on the likeness of Saint Nicolas in four colours.
And as a pleasure never comes alone, these delicious chocolate products will be packaged in a box in the shape of a mitre.

What a pleasure to see the gleam of joy in the eyes of our children ….

© Leonidas
© Leonidas
To celebrate Christmas with great delicacy, LEONIDAS is showing off its passion for chocolate with refined and original creations. For the occasion, the chocolate maker will waken our senses with its new collection of pearls and truffles, gems that nobody can resist …

The new range of pearls is even smoother. Their shells has been specially lightened and their centres have many colours. Pistachio, coconut, Riesling champagne, just waiting to be exposed …

The truffles have taken on a completely new look! In the form of a dome dusted with cocoa, the new range has even smoother centres with just as surprising flavours … Natural Cocoa or São Tomé, bitter chocolate and café-caramel for enthusiasts, something for every taste …
As Christmas draws near, we impatiently await the glittering decorations in shop windows, creating that winter atmosphere of warmth and well being in our hearts. The LEONIDAS shops will of course be no exception. In addition to its new magical displays, the seasonal boxes of chocolates will take on festive colours of red and gold.

There is nothing like the magic of Christmas to fill our hearts with warmth and to touch the generous soul … All you have to do: Just think of someone…

Founded by Leonidas Kestekides in 1910, LEONIDAS, the most famous Belgian chocolate maker in the world, today has more than 1,400 sales points, spread across 40 countries and 5 continents.
Every day, 10,000 people in the four corners of the world, whether in Paris, Rome, Sydney, Tokyo, New York … vouch for the quality and freshness of LEONIDAS products.

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