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Pumpkins to make you shiver… with pleasure at Leonidas!

© Leonidas
© Leonidas
According to tradition, on the night of 31st October to 1st November, children dress up in scary costumes and, as real little monsters, witches or skeletons in their pointed hats, they go out and ring the neighbourhood doorbells, asking for treats.
This year, Leonidas has come up with lovely pumpkins, which, as well as turning your blood to chocolate, will be bound to tantalise your taste buds!!!

These delightful two-tone 250-gram pumpkins are available in four flavours: milk, fondant, white and orange (white chocolate covered with a natural cocoa butter-based colouring).
What’s more, as these pumpkins are hollow, you’ll be able to fi ll them as much as you want with your favourite Leonidas chocolates or with Halloween figures such as marzipan chocolates decorated with colourful little ghosts or little orange pumpkins made of marzipan.
One thing’s for sure: it’s not just the kids who are in for a treat!!

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