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Leonidas presents its new travel retail range and launches the revolutionary Freshpack

Everyone knows the famous Belgian chocolatier Leonidas ! But have its millions of customers all over the world heard of its exclusive travel retail range?

© Leonidas
© Leonidas
Leonidas has been in the Travel Retail segment for several years now with its Duty-Free product range, giving airport operators the opportunity to present its brand in pre-packaged boxes.
Leonidas is convinced that this segment represents huge potential and, is therefore now intending to make the most of its retail know-how and capitalise on the competitive advantage of its high-quality, ultra-fresh products to stand out in this market and win new customers (and customer profiles).
The cornerstones of Leonidas’ new strategy are high quality chocolates, an improved brand communication on the packs and above all, interesting margins for travel retail customers.

For this reason, Leonidas is very proud to present today its brand new exclusive range for the Travel Retail market.
In order to meet the specific demands of its customers, the new Travel Retail range comes in three categories:

Entry Gifts
Small assortments of the brand’s most popular filled and solid chocolates, in luxury packaging. Perfect for people travelling and looking for a gift or a treat for themselves.
Examples: assortment of Napolitains, assortment of Orangettes, assortment of Mendiants, assortment of Tablettes (chocolate bars).

Easy Gifts
As their name suggests, these are delicious chocolates presented in flat packaging, easy for customers to slip into their luggage and carry with them.
Examples: all milk chocolate assortment, all plain chocolate assortment or mix of milk and plain.

Luxury Gifts
Luxurious boxes for travellers who are looking for exclusive chocolate gifts.
Examples: Luxury box of 32 chocolates (440 g), 500-gram ‘ballotin’ in a house-shaped tin.

© Leonidas
© Leonidas
The golden and deep brown shades of the new Travel Retail range will soon draw customers to Leonidas chocolates. What’s more, the new packagings of this range feature an indication of the box assortment along with a photo of some chocolates, and the statement « no alcohol » is shown on the boxes of alcohol-free chocolates.

The new Freshpack ‘ballotin’…For even better quality, more choice and freshness…
And because Leonidas is always at the forefront of innovation, it has designed a new freshness ‘ballotin’, called Freshpack, specially devised to preserve the quality and freshness of its products and, therefore, to expand the choice offered in Travel Retail. A revolutionary concept developed exclusively for Leonidas!
In addition, the new packaging ensures good stability during transport in order to guarantee the best quality of presentation and taste. The chocolates are also covered with a little cushioning pad; the ‘ballotin’ is sealed with a sheath illustrating its contents.
When customers buy chocolates from the Travel Retail range, they will truly feel as though they’ve bought them in a Leonidas shop.

From October 27 to October 31, Leonidas will be present at the TFWA (Tax Free World Association) Exhibition in Cannes.

About Leonidas
Leonidas was formed by Leonidas Kestekides in 1913. Today, the most famous Belgian chocolatier in the world has more than 1,400 sales outlets spread over 53 countries and 5 continents.
Thus, every day, 10,000 people all over the world, whether in Paris, Rome, Sydney, Tokyo or New York, vouch for the quality and freshness of Leonidas products.

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