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Leonidas new products for the travel retail market

The Leonidas travel retail segment adds the vintage Mickey box, the luxury Swarowski box and the Cocktail collection to its range.

© Leonidas
© Leonidas
For several years now, Leonidas has been well established in the Travel Retail segment with its Duty Free range of products, giving airport operators the possibility of presenting its brand in pre-packaged boxes.
Convinced about the enormous potential offered by this segment, Leonidas is now aiming to fully benefit from its retail expertise and capitalise on the competitive advantage of its top-quality, ultra-fresh products to stand out in this market and win new customers.
Therefore, Leonidas is presenting three new products for the Travel Retail market.

The vintage Mickey box
The most famous mouse in the world is making an understated entrance into the Leonidas chocolate world, with all the credit due to his status!
A lovely round box with the image of the icon Mickey Mouse, specially designed by Leonidas, the most famous Belgium chocolate maker, is now available containing 16 pralines (240g of chocolates) each featuring Mickey Mouse’s face.
These pralines come as an assortment of 4x4 flavours, each one even more delicious than the last (milk chocolate with crème caramel, white praline with biscuit crunch centre, marbled praline with meringue pieces and fondant ganache praline).
With its vintage appearance, this new box should immediately appeal to customers looking for a special gift or for a treat for themselves. Furthermore, the way the box opens will not fail to please as you have to pull Mickey’s tail through his shorts to open the lid – surprising and playful at the same time!

© Leonidas
© Leonidas
The luxury Swarowski
Leonidas is also presenting its new Cocktail collection: a totally trendy assortment of pralines that will be popular all summer long! Leonidas has created six Cocktail chocolates: Mojito, Sex on the Beach, Piña Colada, Banana Daiquiri, Tequila Sunrise and Blue Lagoon using white and milk chocolate and fondant. Each flavoured chocolate is decorated with an ultra-trendy young graphic design.

Chocolates to seduce the senses!
The Cocktail collection
Finally, just as surprising but designed for connoisseurs, Leonidas is offering a square box of chocolates encrusted with real Swarowski crystals, intended for the Retail market. This box, which combines originality, style and sparkle, can hold 440g of Leonidas chocolates and could easily come from the magical realm of One Thousand and One Nights!

Because travelling is also about pleasure...

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