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© Leonidas
© Leonidas
Today’s the day; our little angels have pickedup their new satchels, pulled on their brand new clothes and shoes and madetheir way to school again. As for their parents, they’ve put theirholidays firmly behind them and, with batteries fully recharged, have gone backto work, while looking forward to their next sunshine break.
Happily, this year, master chocolatier Leonidas has come up with delicious little sweet snacks for us that are easy to take with us and light to eat. For mixing business with pleasure !!!

Mini Chocolate Bars
To mark the new school year and return to work, Leonidas is introducing mini chocolate bars of 13.5 g, which come in two varieties: the Origin Collection and White Chocolate & Fruit.
The Origins mini chocolate bars are available in four flavours, each more exclusive than the last:
Arriba (40%) : a creamy milk chocolate with a light flavour of walnuts and touches of fruit
Ghana (60%) : a plain chocolate with spicy and fruity flavours
Vénézuéla (70%) : a chocolate with a slightly bitter taste and a touch of exotic fruit
Tanzanie (75%) : ua chocolate with a very subtle flavour and powerful aromas

The region, country or plantation that these chocolates come from determines the exclusive
flavour of each of the varieties in the range.
In addition, the mini bars of white chocolate with natural fruit have fresh, surprising and most unusual
flavours: passion fruit, blackberries, blood oranges and elderberries.

Les Perles Pures
Leonidas’ Perles Pures are also made for energetic people, eager for instant enjoyment. And for good reason! Perles Pures are bound to provide all those quick hits of pleasure ! Available in milk and dark chocolate, Perles Pures are presented in 37-gram tin boxes that are easy to take with you wherever you go. Perles Pures are also available in 160-gram cardboard packets.

About Leonidas
Leonidas, the world’s most famous Belgian chocolate maker, was founded by Leonidas Kestekides in 1913 and now comprises over 1,400 outlets in 40 countries on five continents. Every day, over 10,000 Leonidas staff from all four corners of the world - from Paris to Rome, London, Sydney, Tokyo or New York, guarantee the quality and freshness of Leonidas products.

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