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It’s back to school, so let’s celebrate!

Leonidas is launching a range which will certainly delight gourmets in short trousers

© Leonidas
© Leonidas
After two months of well-deserved rest, our little cherubs are getting ready to dust off their satchels, carefully stored in the depths of the attic, and to set off back to school.
This year, Leonidas has honoured their promise to make going back to school a special occasion for all those, large and small, who never miss a chance to treat themselves.
On this occasion, Leonidas has created some completely new chocolates in the shape of animals (cats, rabbits and hamsters) in flavours specially created to please children:

Crispy : white chocolate rabbit with puffed rice and “pop” sugar
Nutsy : milk chocolate hamster with a hazelnut and chocolate filling
Milky : milk chocolate cat with a cream filling

These playfully shaped treats are sold by weight or in a delightful coloured box containing up to 12 animals. They are also sold in small, novel tins containing, as well as the box, a colouring book and crayons… a way of combining the useful and the enjoyable. The tin also contains two lollipops, so attractive that it seems a shame to bite into them…

Who said that going back to school wasn’t fun?

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