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I’m going to ruffle your feathers!

When the sculptor-chocolatier Patrick Roger tackles galliformes (fowl), he creates a barnyard where each hen is painstakingly tweaked by hand for its own separate identity. An Easter collection of fowl, hens and cockerels is ready to take up their spring residence.

I’m going to ruffle your feathers!
The spotlight is on the dark chocolate cockerel. The pointed beak under a disheveled crest, vivid red wattles on a plumage of dark chocolate: this cockerel has quite a look!
Ready to roll, he squares up to the chick: ‘Watch out! I’m going to ruffle your feathers.’
This cockerel, with a wild allure and the rock ‘n’ roll look pose, contains delicious dark and milk chocolate fritures.

Whether you go for mini or maxi, the size of the galliformes is your choice, depending on how much you can resist just one more bite, unless you give in and choose the whole collection.

Prices from: 49 euro

The barnyards can be found in each of our stores:

Paris 6e, 91 rue de Rennes et 108 bd St Germain
Paris 8e, 199 rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré and Village Royal 12 cité Berryer
Paris 16e, 45 avenue Victor Hugo
St Germain en Laye, 2 rue de Paris
Sceaux 47, rue Houdan


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