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"How we sense chocolate" at the University of Girona

On May 5 and 6 Ramon Morató, Head of Aula Chocovic, together with his teaching assistants, Josep Maria Ribé and Ruben Álvarez, led two practical sessions on "How we sense chocolate", as part of a series of catering courses organised by the University of Girona.

"How we sense chocolate" at the University of Girona
The classes on chocolate were held at the Girona Catering School (Escola d'Hosteleria de Girona) and were attended by 17 participants including both professionals and enthusiasts.
Ramon Morató and his team began with an in-depth survey of chocolate, its origins as cacao in the Tropics, the different varieties that exist, the manufacturing process for making chocolate, its effect on our senses, etc.
The theory outlined was complemented by a range of practical activities such as the preparation, step by step, of various bakery and chocolate products, including a dessert with pâté de foie and Ocumare and apricot truffle; a raspberry mousse gateau with Jade couverture and Biscuit Sacher, and various kinds of truffle and praline chocolate confectionery. There was also a demonstration of decoration techniques, of coating methods and of the use moulds, etc.
To finish with, the Chocovic team thanked all those who took part and the University of Girona for inviting them to teach this two-day course.

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