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Easter - New Leonidas products

There are traditions that children love and the Easter egg hunt is one of them!

© Leonidas
© Leonidas
This year, anyone looking for fun, creative ideas will love the new products which Leonidas has devised that cannot fail to charm young and old alike.
Leonidas believes that this year we will help parents to surprise their little angels on Easter day, as we have so many times before. From late February onwards, Leonidas display stands will feature ideas to decorate every nook and cranny in your garden.

Especially for children, Leonidas has designed fun, colourful wrappers printed with the Leonidas name for its 7g mini eggs which come in several flavours (white, sugared milk POP, white praline with crispy rice, milk, milk vanilla, milk praline, milk biscuit, and white grenadine). We don’t need to tell you that you’ll have to try even harder to hide them because of their bright colours.

The 7g mini eggs can be bought loose but also in a 250g or 500g metal egg.
For adults, this year our little 10g eggs which come in nine flavours are available in a 230g or 500g transparent Plexiglas tube.

Still on the subject of new products, Leonidas has designed a Plexiglas box filled with two eggs in their shells (white chocolate filled with a vanilla chocolate cream and milk chocolate filled with an apricot flan cream) and two attractive spoons to make them easier to enjoy. A delightful take on your delicious Sunday morning soft-boiled egg!
Finally, children and their parents alike will love our chocolate nest to be decorated to suit your tastes and/or momentary fancies. The chocolate nest is also available filled, in a cute yellow packaging.
On that note, we officially declare the Easter egg hunt open!

About Leonidas
Founded by Leonidas Kestekides in 1913, LEONIDAS, the world’s most famous Belgian chocolate maker, now has over 1,400 retail outlets in 40 countries, on five continents.
Every day, 10,000 people in all four corners of the world, whether in Paris, Rome, Sydney, Tokyo or New York, are guaranteed the quality and freshness of LEONIDAS products.

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