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Easter New Leonidas Products

Leonidas is all set to welcome the Easter bunny once again this year, even though the spring weather has yet to arrive.

© Leonidas
© Leonidas
The famous master chocolate maker has poured every ounce of expertise into creating a whole range of new products bound to delight both young and old during the traditional garden egg hunt season due to begin very soon.
Brand new at Leonidas this year are its comical little two-tone chocolate rabbits, which come in several fun designs. Chocolate-loving youngsters (and grown-ups!) will be able to choose from a cute little rabbit tenderly clasping a big egg marked with the initial L of the brand, a rabbit hopping gleefully out of its egg, and an egg with a mischievous rabbit’s face inset into the front. These three new products are available in dark and milk chocolate, in 50g and 100g versions.

Still on the subject of new products, Leonidas has also dreamt up an assortment of very pretty decoratable eggs; these are available in dark, milk and white chocolate, in 14.5cm and 18.5cm versions.

Especially for children, this year also sees the return of Leonidas 7g mini eggs, which come in a variety of flavours (white chocolate, pop sugar milk chocolate, praline white chocolate with puffed rice, milk chocolate, vanilla milk chocolate, praline milk chocolate, biscuit milk chocolate, grenadine white chocolate) and have fun brightly-coloured wrappers, each printed with a letter making up the Leonidas name. These strikingly colourful mini eggs will delight younger children heading out to hunt high and low for chocolate in the garden.

The 7g mini eggs can be purchased loose but are also available in a tin egg which can hold up to 500g of mini eggs. It’s safe to say that this is one egg which won’t go unnoticed!
And so, with no further ado, Leonidas declares the egg hunt officially open.

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