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Chocovic in Europain 2005

CHOCOVIC, the well-known chocolate factory from Vic, was present at Europain 2005, the World Baking Exhibition held from 16th to 20th April, in the Paris Nord Villepinte showground. The Chocovic stand was in Hall 4, in Intersuc, the sector dedicated to sugar and chocolate.

Chocovic in Europain 2005
In this new edition of Europain, Chocovic dedicated its space in the exhibition to the presentation of the new concept and the new image that the export department has created to establish the bases for the future commercial relationship with their current international customers, and also with the future markets throughout the world.

Through the phrase: Chocovic, creating chocolate for your senses, the export department wishes to transmit an unified, global idea to the world, and at the same time the capacity to adapt to each specific need.

The Chocovic stand presented the photographs that have been taken particularly for the new export catalogues, to present the different product ranges: Unique Origin, Selection, dark, milk and white chocolate couvertures, chocolate powder, paste and cocoa butter, chocolate creams, decorations and complements, special couvertures with hydrogenated, fractioned vegetable oil, and special for ice creams, and also wishes to present the team that works in the Research and Development Department and in Aula Chocovic.

Chocovic in Europain 2005
The most outstanding developments that Chocovic introduced in Europain were the individual displays of 12 tablets of each of the three Unique Origin couvertures: Ocumare, Guaranda and Guyave; and the new design of Maragda, Jade and Opal, conceived for end consumers in 80 gram tablets, and also in displays of 12 units each.

The Chocovic stand in Europain was attended by Ramon Rovira, the general manager, Marta Casas, the export manageress and the whole of her sales team, and also the directors of the subsidiaries in France and Italy, Bruno Bergot and Roberto Monti, together with their sales co-ordinators. Albert Constansó, the nationa sales manager, and Ramon Morató, the manager of Aula Chocovic were also present.

Chocovic in Europain 2005
In the evening of Sunday 17th April, Chocovic organised a buffet dinner attended by some of the most important of Chocovic’s international importers, and so the export department was able to explain the purpose of the new communications and the new image presented in Europain, and also thank them for their loyalty with a small gift.

In the five days the fair lasted, Chocovic received visits from almost all of its international customers and also many national customers. The interest and expectation for Chocovic and all the developments presented in Europain was more than noteworthy, and the evaluation was very encouraging for continuing with the proposed line and improving as far as possible.

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