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A shower of « Perles Pures » is about to enchant the young… and not so young…

Chocolate ‘on the go’, Leonidas style

A shower of « Perles Pures » is about to enchant the young… and not so young…
Since its formation, Leonidas hasn’t stopped innovating. So, launching new products and concepts has always been a priority for the brand, which has, in the meantime, established its position in Belgium and world-wide as a very resourceful master chocolatier.

But, back to our Perles Pures!
This time, once again, Leonidas has no hesitation in bringing out a new range of products which meets completely a growing demand from consumers. Today, it is increasingly evident that consumers are looking for different kinds of occasions to indulge: they feel the need – or rather
the desire – to enjoy chocolate spontaneously, as much as they like, whenever and wherever they are. They want to share, succumb to a little controlled pleasure… Perles Pures from Leonidas are the perfect solution!

© Leonidas
© Leonidas
They also establish Leonidas in the ‘on-the-go’ segment and ensure it appeals to a young and energetic clientele, eager for instant pleasure.
There’s no doubt that Perles Pures will be perfect for all those spontaneous little moments of pleasure! Perles Pures come in milk and fondant chocolate, presented in two types of packaging: 160-gram cardboard packets and 37-gram tin boxes. Don’t wait, drop in now to a Leonidas shop and fulfil your desires…

Leonidas, the world’s most famous Belgian chocolate maker, was founded by Leonidas Kestekides in 1913 and now comprises over 1,400
outlets in 40 countries on five continents. Every day, over 10,000 Leonidas staff from all four corners of the world - from Paris to Rome,
London, Sydney, Tokyo or New York, guarantee the quality and freshness of Leonidas products.

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